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Communicating Critical Test Results

The Coalition, in cooperation with our Collaborative members, have developed example tools such as forms, policies, staff and patient education materials to support adoption of the safety procedures. We appreciate the organizations who have shared their materials and urge you to continue using the attributions included with all the example materials so those who have volunteered to share their resources may get credit for their hard work.

Getting Started Tools

Example FMEA
FMEA from Wincester Hospital

Example Policies

Measurement Tools

Data Collection Tool

Graphing Spreadsheet to Track Progress

Example Audit Tool for Radiology Department

Implementation Tools

Multidisciplinary Team Member List

Implementation Planning Checklists

Worksheets for Reporting Tests of Change

Examples of Communications Tools for Reporting Critical Test Results
Caritas Norwood Hospital

Ambulatory Test Tracking Log Sheet

Technology Recommendations to Improve the Management of Critical Lab Results
-Kuperman and Lindenauer (12/2/02)

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