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Patient Safety in Office Practices


PROMISES Learning Materials

14 Recorded Lectures and Videos - Improvement Tools - Additional Resources for Primary Care Improvement Teams

How to use this material

Individuals and teams should use these materials to improve patient safety. To fully implement these videos and tools, the PROMISES Partners recommend using the curriculum coupled with practice coaches and a collaborative learning network to support the learning and maximize improvement.

Learn from the materials offered here or contact us if you are a Massachusetts healthcare provider interested in developing your own patient safety program.

Getting Started

  1. Watch the VideoLeading a Patient Safety Program
  2. Watch the VideoLeadership Case Study
  3. Watch the VideoImproving Your Primary Care Practice #1
  4. Watch the VideoImprovement Case Study
  5. Watch the VideoImproving Your Primary Care Practice #2


  1. Watch the VideoCommunication
  2. Watch the VideoCommunication Case Study

Improving Process

  1. Watch the VideoTest Results and Referral Management: Applying Reliability Methods
  2. Watch the Video Test Results Case Study
  3. Watch the Video Referrals Case Study
  4. Watch the VideoMedication Safety in the Primary Care Setting

Continuous Improvement

  1. Watch the Video‘ When Things Go Wrong in the Ambulatory Setting ’
  2. Watch the VideoSustaining Change
  3. Watch the VideoPatient Engagement
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