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Patient Safety in Office Practices

Mount Auburn Practice Improvement Project (MA-PIP)

The Mount Auburn Practice Improvement Program (MA-PIP) is a collaboration between the Coalition and Mount Auburn Professional Services (a physician organization) to develop coaches and provide training in patient safety principles and process improvement skills for office practices at Mount Auburn. The work is funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund.

This program builds on key learnings, strategies, curriculum and tools that were developed during the PROMISES Project, in which trained coaches engaged small primary care practices in the use of process improvement strategies to improve their care processes.

In the MA-PIP, internal coaches at Mount Auburn are being trained to work with office practice improvement teams, led by a physician champion and the practice manager. These teams are identifying risks to patients, employing process improvement skills to test changes, and sharing their learning with the rest of the Mount Auburn practice community. These is emphasis on engaging patients in the improvement process and building an infrastructure that will sustain the work within the Mount Auburn practices.

On the following pages you will find materials developed and utilized in the program’s educational programs. In addition, links to the Ambulatory Patient Safety Curriculum developed during the PROMISES project are provided, with additional patient safety resources, tools and guides.

If your organization is interested in building a dynamic learning environment in which your staff are engaged and supported in “seeing and solving” problems in a proactive way, before harm reaches a patient, please contact the Coalition for additional information.

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